Stylish and functional kitchen cabinets The kitchen is the social hub of any household and requires a stylish finish. Look no further than Kalco Cabinets to meet all of your functional and stylish cabinet needs. We will cut, craft and install cabinets to meet your storage, display and setting requirements....
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Functional, stylish traditional or contemporary bathroom cabinetry Revamp your bathroom to accommodate your personal style and requirements by updating your cabinets. Kalco Cabinets offers premium cabinetry solutions to meet all requirements. Our consultants will visit your home to determine exactly what you require for your bathroom vanity and storage space...
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Cabinets / Wardrobe
Stylish and functional cabinets for your office and home As professional cabinetry designers and installers, the Kalco Cabinets team has conceptualised and created cabinets for a variety of residential and commercial properties. Overhaul your office or home space with stylish cabinets that have been designed, cut and crafted to your...
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High quality designer cabinetry for retail and commercial purposes Much like your home reflects your personal style, your workspace reflects the style of your brand. Kalco Cabinets will design, cut and craft cabinets to your exact brand personality specifications. Our highly skilled designers and tradesman will turn your inspiration into...
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